Upgrade Terminals are stations throughout Bezoar City where Fletcher can spend Nano to upgrade his weapons and Combat Gear. Their in-game name is "HX-10".

Terminals are easily recognized as large, metal cylinders with a circular blue hologram emitter set in the center. When approached, the terminal will greet Fletcher and display a holographic menu, from which the player can select upgrades.

NOTE: The last two upgrade 'trees' for both weapons and Fletcher's combat gear are 'locked out' until a number of earlier upgrades are purchased first.


Nano is an orange resource that Fletcher can gather to purchase upgrades at the Upgrade Terminals. Nano fills up an orange meter on the left side of Fletcher's status device; each time the meter is completely filled, it adds one potential upgrade that can be redeemed at an Upgrade Terminal. In Hard Reset, there are two ways to collect Nano:

  • Exploration - This is typically the more rewarding of the two methods, as Secrets typically hide valuable 200-unit Nano canisters, in addition to Med-Packs and Ammo. Smaller, 50-unit Nano canisters are more common, and can be found in the open throughout Bezoar.
  • Destroying A.I.s - Destroying any A.I.'s will reward Fletcher with a small amount of Nano, in a fashion similar to role-playing video-games rewarding players for slaying opponents. Typically, the tougher the A.I. opponent is, the more Nano Fletcher will receive for killing it. For example, killing a Cutter will only reward 5 Nano, but killing a Gorilla, however, will yield 50 Nano.